About Me

My mother loves to tell the story of the day she dropped me off at daycare to later be called and notified that I was discovered in the garden of a nearby church picking flowers. I was delivered to the daycare by the caretaker, unharmed, with a hand full of flowers.

These Days ..... I search for flowers of a more permanent nature in all shapes, colors, textures, styles and age.

Years ago, I saw my first Brooch Bouquet as I peered into my grandmothers "Very Humble" little dresser drawer.

Even though she only owned a few, I loved how they looked all bunched up together.
She was a very special lady, who loved "without conditions", and would give all she had "without expectations".

Her Generation survived so many obstacles including the Great Depression.
That's one thing I LOVE so about the vintage brooches .... like my Grandmother, they just can't be replicated!

I hope you get a chance to visit my Etsy shop and discover all the things I LOVE to Do!

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